Hipster Beaver Camper Bag – Tiny Bag for Tools / Small Projects


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Beavers adorn our small project bag.  They are  hanging out with their amazing beards & perfect facial hair.  They may be dressed in their plaid shirts, puffy bests, or overalls – equipped with their lanterns or even their thermoses.  What do I think that a beaver had in his thermos?  Coffee – black.  No need to add the cream that I need :)

These bags have a nylon zipper, in a variety of colors that match the bag,

My bags are padded & feature a gusseted bottom so that they will stand on their own.

There is a cork Un Besito Fiber tag.  On the side, is a fringed denim tab is a lobster claw clasp, so that you can clip it to your other favorite bags, or even your belt loop, to take your knitting on the go.

Approximate size:
Length at Top – 9”
Standing Height – 5”
Gusseted bottom 6” x 3”

This size bag is great for tool storage, or for your small yarnie projects, such as a single skein project.  Are you working on adorable Arugami project? This is a great bag for storing those little projects as well.  But, feel free to keep your favorite pens/markers here, or your make-up, or your toothbrush…we won’t judge.

Additional information

Weight2.4 oz
Dimensions10 × 9 × 1 in


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